The best video apps for your smartphone


It’s all well and good being able to record great footage, but what about editing it to look slick and enjoyable? Magisto is an editing tool that gives the user the ability to create professional looking vids, in a short space of time. The app offers a great choice of music, cool graphics and effects. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to create your own footage.

FX Guru

Movie FX Director is one of our favourite apps for Android. With FX Guru you can create your own blockbuster movies using state-of-the-art special effects, which will let you create alien invasions, a T-Rex attack and even a giant robot that destroys its surroundings. There are over 24 cinematic filters that allow you to shoot your own footage and incorporate the aforementioned effects, so you really do have a lot of scope to experiment and discover what works best. FX Guru is fun and easy to use, and the results are simply outstanding.


Similar to FX Guru for Android, Cinefy brings special effects magic to iOS. There are over 100 effects to choose from, which all look fantastic and are easy enough to use. The intuitive software allows you to edit like a pro in minutes; just drop in your clips, add music and pick the effect you want. Hey presto, your movie is packed with great special effects!




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